Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Tri-fold Shutter measurements

Since I posted the tri shutter card, I've had lots of requests for the measurements and instructions on how to make them.

If you want to use 12" x 12" cardstock, Splitcoast Stampers is the place to go. They have an amazing website, with Resources, Techniques, a great Forum and an amazing Gallery. I pretty much live there most of the day lol.

But I wanted the measurements for our, Australian, Stampin' Up size paper. I'm not sure why, but SU paper from America is a different size to our Australian paper... very strange!!

So, for everyone who has been asking... here it is:

1) First you need a piece of card stock that measures 10 1/2" x 5 1/2".

2) Next score downwards at 1 3/4", 3 1/2", 7" and 8 3/4".

3) Next, cut from 1 3/4" scored line to the 8 3/4" line. 1 3/4" in on both sides. (Hope this makes sense!!)

4) Next, fold the score lines... This is a bit hard to explain so hope the next two photos show you how it works.

And thats about it. Now all you need to do is add your coloured cardstock, patterned papers and embellishments and Voila.... It's honestly really simple and you'll be hooked. I know I am!!!

The ingredients for this card is HERE!!

Have Fun,


  1. thanks for the tutorial! might have to make one

  2. Thanks Chloe! Will have to go and make one now!

  3. Your card is gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial.


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  4. Thanks for the tutorial, your card is beautiful!