Would you like to learn cardmaking, scrapbooking and other papercrafts such as making gift boxes and other items? Do you have lots of craft goodies but never find the time to use them?

Come and learn how to make gorgeous greeting cards, scrapbooking pages and other papercrafts with me in a relaxing and fun environment

Classes are limited to 6 people and is based on a first come, first served basis.  Everything needed for class is pre-cut and provided for you.  You don’t even have to bring your own tools. Just turn up ready to have fun and hopefully learn a new skill or technique. 

I also provide tea, coffee and nibbles to give you time to recharge for the second part of the class.

Upcoming Class dates and information can be found below. To book in for a class, just send me an email with the class details.


Classic Class: 3rd Wed and Thursday
Class Fee - $25

Wed 17th Oct at 1.00pm
Wed 21th Nov at 1.00pm

Thurs 18th Oct at 1.00pm
Thurs 22nd Nov at 1.00pm

Blends Club: 2nd Wed and Fri
Class Fee - $31 - ongoing

Wed 10th Oct at 1.00pm
Wed 15th Nov at 1.00pm
Wed 5th Dec at 1.00pm

Fri 12th Oct at 7.30pm
Fri 16th Nov at 7.30pm
Fri 7th Dec at 7.30pm

Product Class: Classes are a little different this quarter due to them all being Christmas Themed. Prices vary for each class.

Thurs 25th Oct at 1.00pm OR Fri 26th Oct at 7.30pm - Timeless Tidings Kit $35.00
Thurs 28th Nov at 1pm OR Fri 29th Nov at 7.30pm - Feathers & Frost Blends $35.00

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