Friday, 14 August 2015

Layered Letters - Congratulations

So a few week ago one of my Downline recently promoted to Supervisor, which is a HUGE achievement in the Stampin' Up! world and I didn't want to let the occasion pass by without making her a card of course... well it's kinda what we do around here!!

I decided to use the gorgeous "Layered Letters" stamps to stamp out the word Congrats and as her favorite colours are blue, I of course needed to use as many Stampin' Up! Blues as I could find!!

Now, I expect you are thinking "Surely, she isn't that crazy, that she sat and threaded all those sequins?" Well you would be wrong, as that's exactly what I did!! It took me about 2 hours to pick out the colours I wanted and then thread them on to a piece of silver thread. When I showed the Hubby, he thought I was crazy too, but I explained that I knew Kim will immediately notice and appreciate the dedication.

And do you know what??!! Within 10 minutes of her receiving it, I got a text to say "Thank you for the beautiful card. I love and appreciate the amount of time it would have taken to thread all the sequins!!" See, a true Crafter notices everything!!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. I was the lucky recipient of the beautiful congratulations card and I did feel truly special that Chloe had used all the Stampin Up blues for my card, because she knows I am blue/green obsessed and that she had spent her valuable time threading all those sequins specially for me. I went around my house showing it off and explaining to my husband and both my kids how long it would have taken to thread all those sequins. The card has pride of place in my craft room. Thanks Chloe.