Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Change is better then a Holiday...

Have you every heard that saying? Well there has been some HUGE changes in my life lately which I could only compare it with a Caribbean holiday or something lol.

My Hubby and I have just recently been through the experience of selling our house and buying a new one. O.M.G they weren't kidding when people said moving house is one of the most stressful things you could ever do. But we've done it and finally moved into our new, much larger, house last week.

But what does this mean for my craft area I hear you cry... or maybe that's just what I kept saying to hubby!!

Well, luckily for me, our new house has had it's garage converted into two rooms. One has now become a playroom for the children and the other... well lets just say it's been turned into a playroom for me!!!

So before I finally show you pictures of my new space. I wanted to remind you where I use to stamp...

 Yep, before the move, I had some space in our bedroom to keep all my goodies. Which was great until Hubby wanted to go to bed!!

So this is a photo of my new scraproom after we had moved in... You can imagine it already, can't you!!

Hmm, it wasn't looking very creative at the time. But within a week I had unpacked the rest of the house, which then gave me time to FINALLY get around to sorting out my room, the most important room, well I think so anyway!!

So with no further ado, here it is...

This is the view as you come in through the doorway. This is my table. which is all set up for my monthly card and scrapbooking classes. Oh and dates for my next classes are coming up, so stay tuned!!

This photo was taken from the other corner (I'm standing on a chair lol) You can see my lovely Expedit bookcase (I LOVE IKEA) as well as my new Brag Wall, where I have hung up some of my Cards and Scrapbook pages. Below is a closer look.

Oh and this is a photo of my new ribbon holder!! Pretty pleased with this idea actually. This is what I use  to use to hang the cards I sold at the markets on, but as I haven't done any for a while, it has been sitting in a box. I suddenly had a brain storm and thought it would be perfect to hang the ribbon from. Don't you love it when a plan comes together!!!


Oh and lastly I thought I would quickly share some scrapbook pages, that I had done a...g...e...s ago.

So that's all for today, I can't wait to have my next card class in my new place and show all my girls oh and I don't forget my very first Scrapbooking class will be held soon too. It's just far to exciting!!!

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