Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Colour Inkspiration #015 Colour Challenge - Fabulous Flamingo

Evening guys and welcome to another colour challenge with the Colour Inkspiration crew. Now It has been so long since I took part with the rest of the gang, but when I saw this weeks colours I was so excited. I just adore these colours and they look so stunning together.
So whether you have just hopped along from Julia Quinn's blog, who's card really is stunning or starting fresh with me, welcome!!

Even though you'll never see a flamingo in any of these colours, I still couldn't help using the the Fabulous Flamingo stamp set. These stamps have been calling to me for a while and I knew this awesome colour challenge would be a perfect.
The flamingo stamp set is so funky and fresh, that I really think you could use any colour combo and they would look stunning.

After creating the whole card front, I realized that my flamingo's looked a bit odd without legs and so had to add them in after. The only problem I had was some of the legs would be stamped over the top of the other flamingo's faces and bodies. Not a good look. So this where masking comes in handy.

I stamped a flamingo body onto some scrap paper and cut around it as close as possible to the outline. I then taped that mask over the top of the flamingo who would have had legs stamped on him. This way, when I stamp on the legs, they stamp on the flamingo mask and when I move it away, it looks like the legs go behind the flamingo!! now it's time for you to hop on over and visit Elizabeth Gross's blog. I know her card is beautiful and you will just love it!! And then once you have hopped all the way along, I hope you will visit our Colour Inkspiration Facebook and play along with us there. We do look forward to seeing what you create.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Chloe, I think your card is brilliant and I love the flamingos in these colours. Totally gorgeous. Thankyou for the great masking technique!

  2. Stunning card! And very effective use of masking with the legs. Love it.

  3. Yes a stunning card indeed!! Love the repetition of the flamingo gorgeous Chlo x

  4. Chloe this is beautiful! I would never have thought to create different colour flamingo's!